Meeting for volunteers

Students from Youth Entrepreneuership Club prepared meeting for new participants of YEC. During meeting Youth Leaders were presenting Club and what are our tasks in YEC. We were talking about B.O.L.D Project and our trips to other countries. The most importnant for us is expiriance which we can get during participating Youth Entrepreneuership Club. Thanks to YEC our language, oranising and responsible abilities are much higher than before. We hope that in the future more teenagers will come to our Club to know better business and entrepreneuership sphere.

B.O.L.D Project in Poland

Our international friends from Portugal, Italy, Latvia and France had came to Warsaw for next step of B.O.L.D Project. In Poland we were learning about making interviews for our tradesman. We had lecture about access to business, training about making business plans and lecture about headhunting.

Italy – DATA

In San Severo, small city in Italy, we spend five days for trainings, workshops and interviews. We have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people from journalistic sphere. We were talking about preparing questions for interview, how to choose the best backgroung and how make interesting interview for audience. It was also first time for us to practise interviewing with questions connected with disappearing professions. We also visited Wine Cellar and Pizzeria with original Italian Pizza for us it was inpiring to practise making interviews with real tradesman.


Our next step in B.O.L.D Project was Sesimbra in Portugal. We’ve been learning about technical skills for our interviews. It’s important for us to know how to use softwares, how to cut videos, add music and subtitles. We were practising every day sometimes even all day with computers to edit our videos which we’ve been making with each others. We were practising also making real interviews with Horse trainers and Tiles Maker.

Kazimierz Dolny

It’s time for first stage of B.O.L.D Project. In Kazimierz Dolny – small town in Poland we got to know a part of Youth Leaders. We disussed each stages of project and next steps. We had an opportunity to found out what the project is about, what’s our goal and what we are going to do? It wasn’t circumstance that we have met in Kazimierz Dolny. This is very beautiful and full of history town from 18th Century (It was the best time of this town), but generally the beginning of Kazimierz Dolny is from 11 Century. We saw a lot of handmade things like baskets, pots mostly made from wood. We visited a few galeries and we saw a lot of amazing paintings. It was very inspiring for us to see representatives of disappearing professions and their handmade jobs.

YEC in Żyrardów

Students from YEC have visited Żyrardów – small town locate 45 kilometers from Warsaw. They had an opportuity to explore hotel and shopping arcade which was renovated from old linen factory. This is really inpiring example of entrepreneuership- how to invest and create something modern with history from 1829! A lot of parts from old walls and architecure is still current in new style of buildings. Students had many questions pertinent history, business and entrepreneuership.